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Day Eight - The Old City of Jerusalem- by Connie Suson

06/29/2015 05:37:58 PM



Following another lavish breakfast at our hotel, we boarded the bus and first stopped along the boardwalk overlooking Jerusalem. While enjoying the breathtaking views on a glorious day, our guide Muki was explaining the history and lay of the land. Sharing the expansive plaza was a group celebrating a Bar Mitzvah. It's amazing and comforting to realize that Judaism and Jews are always surrounding you here.

We then moved on to visit a Karaite Synagogue. Followers live strictly in accordance with Torah laws, nor Rabbinic laws, so there were many questions. After taking off our shoes and washing our hands, we descended into the 1300 year old synagogue where we saw the oldest Torah.

We then visited the Cardo, Broad Wall and Hurva Square. While some got a bit of lunch, others shopped in the many shops. In the afternoon we had a tour of the Western Wall Tunnel, a tour of the City of David, followed by getting a peek at a yet to be announced dig within the original old city. To cap off our afternoon, we explored deep underneath the city street, at the base of the Wall in what once was a sewer system.  We were all exhausted!

After free time to recharge a bit, we were treated to another multi-course, delicious meal at a local restaurant. It was ok though, as we burned so many calories during the day!

Another busy, educational and glorious day in Israel!

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781