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Looking to do something wonderful with your family on 

Consider reserving your spot in HTAA’s sukkah. You can eat your meals in the Sukkah, study Torah, entertain your family, relax, and bench lulav in the Sukkah. Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in a mitzvah!


Please read through the information below and scroll to the bottom of the page to reserve a time slot! 

To Make Sukkah Reservations for HTAA's Sukkah

HTAA's Sukkah will be available on Shabbat, 10/3, through Friday, 10/9. 

Reservation time slots include:
8:00a - 10:00a
11:00a - 1:00p
2:00p - 4:00p
5:00p - 7:00p (lighting is limited after sunset!) 


You must agree to the rules provided below. 

If you cannot make your time slot, simply remove your name from the sign-up page. No one else can remove it for you. 

You will be able to swap time slots with other people.

Please specify  how many people will be joining you
(Less than 12 permitted)
If you have any  questions or concerns, please email

Community Sukkah Usage Guidelines 

Availability: The sukkah will be available Saturday, October 3rd through Friday, October 9th. 
Parking: You may park directly outside the courtyard in the handicap spaces provided. Our building is not currently open to the public and we do not anticipate there being an issue with use. Please do not block the driveway. Park only in designated spots.  
Capacity: Our sukkah will be available for one household /pod to visit at one time. Capacity is set to 12 people maximum in the sukkah at one time.
Upon entry to Sukkah:
  • Use the hand sanitizer. Everyone entering must use hand sanitizer (provided in the supply tote on the table near the door).
  • Use cleaning supplies (provided in the supply tote on the table near the door) Please wipe down any tables or chairs you want to use. There is no cleaning staff on-site to do this.
  •  You may move tables or chairs around inside the sukkah, but please reset the area when you leave to the same set-up as when you arrived.
  • You may enjoy a meal in our sukkah 
  • You will need to bring your own supplies, (like you are having a picnic). PLEASE DO NOT BRING GLASS INTO THE SUKKAHYou will need: 
Plastic ware
Your meal and beverage
Bencher for after meal blessings
Bench Lulav and Etrog: You may use the communal Lulav and Etrog to bench lulav inside the sukkah.
  • Each person should put on a pair of gloves BEFORE touching the communal lulav set.
  • Lulav and etrog are located on the table in the plastic sleeve. Please return it to there when you are through.
  • Instructions are provided on how to do this mitzvah. Please leave the instructions behind for the next sukkah guest. 
Upon the conclusion of your time:
  • Clean up all your trash including gloves, cleaning supplies, and any items from your meal. We will have small garbage bags in the supply tote for you to place all your trash into. NOTHING CAN REMAIN IN THE SUKKAH except those items we supplied.
    • TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU when you leave. 
    • You can either throw your trash out into our trash dumpster (located behind the NEW building near the loading dock-it is the first GREEN dumpster you will pass.) 
    • Or take it home and dispose of it there. 
    • DO NOT LEAVE TRASH IN THE SUKKAH! It will bring bees and bugs for others and they will not be able to enjoy the sukkah like you did. There is no cleaning staff available to clean up after you. 
    • Please use cleaning supplies (provided in the supply tote on the table near the door) to wipe down any tables or chairs you used. 
    • Please reset the area when you leave for the next family to the same set-up as when you arrived.
Bathroom usage: You may not have use of the bathrooms while on-site. Our office is open limited hours and may not be staffed when you are here. Please plan accordingly.

Since we can't be together for Simchat Torah, imagine we are dancing together in Israel! 

Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781