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Day Seven - Shabbat in Jerusalem - by Beverly & Danny Wolf

06/29/2015 05:03:59 PM


Woke up this beautiful, sunny Sabbath morning to another incredible breakfast.  We walked across the street to the Great Synagogue  (Orthodox) for Shabbat Services and we were quite impressed by the elegant decor.  After services, we met at the Fuchsberg Center for a delicious Shabbat lunch. We then had a free afternoon to explore Jerusalem with the Rabbi.  By this time it was quite warm outside and we walked to the Western Wall. We had to make a few stops to rest, but it gave us time to enjoy the incredible views.  When we reached the wall, I was so overcome, since this was our first trip to Israel, that I had chills running up my spine. There were people praying at the wall.
We were invited back to the Rabbi's room, which overlooked the Old City of Jerusalem, for the Havdallah Service.  Afterwards, we had dinner on our own and proceeded to get serious, spending our shekels on some Israeli souvenirs to take back to the states!
Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781