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Day Five - Birds & the Bees - by Dale Kaye

06/28/2015 08:21:17 AM



I love Israel, everything about it, but perhaps my favorite part is of the trip is Friday.  No, not because שבת is coming although that would be enough on its own but because we finally go to ירושלים.  

It doesn't seem to matter what else we do this day it could be the most interesting things (which it was) from visiting a Nature Reserve and learning about the bird migrations which occur over the land of Israel every year or visiting a Bio-Bee Biological Kibbutz to learn about the mass production of insects that are used instead of pesticides for growing fruit. As we ascend to ירושלים the feeling I get is indescribable. I have had this privilege to be here many times and each time is more spiritual then the last.  
Welcoming the שבת is always special as we went to a secular and traditional kabbalat שבת at the new train station on the footprint of the original train station. It included a quartet of musicians playing music welcoming the שבת in front of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform... who would of that thought in Israel, of all places, an all inclusive service. This was followed by a beautiful traditional service at Shira Chadasha a must do to usher in the שבת
שבת שלום
Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781