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Day One - Arrival in Tel Aviv - by Joan Eisenberg

06/18/2015 08:43:45 PM



We arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport at 7:00 AM. The El Al flight was quiet and uneventful. The Rabbi, his mother, Connie Suson, and Mara were on our flight. When we all retrieved our bags, we headed outside to look for a sherut (shared taxi) to the Dan Panirama in Tel Aviv. the driver thought we were going to the Dan Panorama in Jerusalem! Bill saw the signs suggesting that we were going the wrong direction. The Rabbi pointed out the error to the driver who protested loudly that he was sure Rabbi Suson said Jerusalem. The driver was so angry that he deposited us back at the airport where we found a cab to take us to or destination. 

After we we settled in, I discovered that breakfast was still being served. I informed everyone and we ate the most delicious breakfast ever. 

Brcause we we had been on the go for almost two days, Bill and I rested a while. We then walked to a local bazaar to catch the flavor of Tel Aviv. We returned to the Dan Panoramas and met out synagogue friends for dinner in the hotel dining room, after eating a complete, , magnificent dinner, our tour guide, Uri, said our tour would start at 8AM sharp. 

We retired to our respective rooms to finally get a good nights rest. The Tel Aviv weather could not be better. The temps are in the 80's and the sun is bright. We look forward to the start of our touring tomorrow.

 View from our hotel room balcony in Tel Aviv

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