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Lessons from the Olive Tree 

02/10/2015 12:33:40 PM


By Chana Williams

A 2000-year-old olive tree in Israel (credit: Dawn Moraski)

On Tu Bishvat, one of the fruits we eat is olives. The Hebrew word for olive tree is "etz shemen," meaning “tree of oil”. As you probably know, olives can be squeezed to make olive oil, which has many uses in...Read more...

Just Before His 95th Birthday, Seymour Greene Plays "Oyfn Pripetchik"

02/05/2015 12:32:40 AM


Parashat Vayechi - Why is "Yehuda" Special This Week?  by Shamai Leibowitz

01/05/2015 11:43:37 AM


    In writing a Sefer Torah, the scribe has has wide latitude on how to place the words in the columns. There is no halachic or mesorah imperative that the columns start or end with any particular word, and the scrolls vary from sefer to sefer. Although some Sifrei Torah start all the columns with a “vav,” this custom is controversial, with sages such as Maimonides opposing it...Read more...

Parashat Vayeitze

12/01/2014 10:27:03 PM


Was Laban Really A Wicked Person?

By Charles Shenitz and Shamai Leibowitz

In this week’s Torah portion, Vayeitze, one of the main characters is Laban, or Lavan, Rebecca's brother and Yaakov's uncle, with whom Yaakov has a tumultuous relationship. 

 We referenced Lavan in this column several few weeks ago in our commentary on the Torah portion...Read more...

Parashat Ki Tetzei

09/07/2014 08:16:18 AM


What's At Stake?

Understanding the Prohibition of Leaving A Corpse on the Stake

by Charles Shenitz


At the beginning of this week’s Torah portion Ki Teitsei, we find the prohibition against leaving a body hanging overnight: 

If a man is guilty of a capital offense and is put...Read more...

Parashat Re'eh: 

08/22/2014 03:44:47 PM


Individual Actions Matter                                       by Charles Shenitz & Shamai Leibowitz   רְאֵה, אָנֹכִי נֹתֵן לִפְנֵיכֶם הַיּוֹם:  בְּרָכָה, וּקְלָלָה.  See, this day I set before you blessing and curse: the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the...Read more...

HTAA's Multi-Generational Trip to NYC

08/15/2014 11:20:47 AM


Upon the 69th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9, respectively), a multi-generational group from Congregation Har Tzeon-Agudath Achim traveled to New York City to watch the Off-Broadway musical, Atomic, about Leo Szilard, a Jewish-Hungarian brilliant...Read more...

My Solidarity Visit to Israel by Lou Numkin

08/14/2014 02:41:18 PM


On July 28-30, I was one of five members (including the National President) of a Hadassah Solidarity Delegation’s mission to show support to Israel.  Immediately upon arrival we were whisked to Mea Shreya, a youth village, which was hosting families from southern Israel who wanted to get further out of harm’s way and enjoy time together swimming, playing soccer, and touring.  This facility has an award-winning school, a...Read more...

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