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A Special Shabbat Message from Adrienne 'Auntie A'  & Rabbi Suson 

03/01/2019 01:57:17 PM


Adrienne Suson

As most know, Rabbi and I lost our dear father, David Suson, z’l at the beginning of the week. While this has shaken our family to the core, I felt compelled to share the words I spoke here in Denver, with my HTAA family. 

Out of the three of us, Dad used to say, I was the son he never had. Sharing the love of sports became a bonding experience. Going to baseball games and other sporting events were some of the best times we’ve shared. However, he was always a “fair-weather fan,” …meaning if the weather was bad and he had tickets to a game, Auntie Shellie and Adrienne were going to the game... in the snow! I thank him for that, because now I am what I call an “all-weather fan.”

Daddy always came to the rescue! Whenever any of us had an emergency, we knew we could count on him. From car accidents to hospital visits, he was there… unless it was bowling night! 

Outside his love of bowling, my mom was his life. When going on trips without her, you could palpate how much he missed her.

Family road trips were always a blast growing up. Loading up into the Volvo station wagon (which Steven later named Happy-Go-Lucky), always made for an interesting adventure. We’ve been to Chicago, stuck in Iowa, seen the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, the Great Sand Dunes, and numerous trips to the mountains. I was always the lucky one who had the middle seat. Steven and Jonathan would play a game called “Corners,” a game made up by my mean brothers who would lean in to squish me at every turn. Dad would scream, “I’ll turn this car around!”

Shabbat dinners at home were mandatory, and you were expected at shul, and in Junior Congregation every Shabbat morning. But before we’d leave the house, he’d say “You’re going dressed like that? Jonathan, where’s your tie?!” (Jonathan never wore a tie at shul... but today you did. Thanks!) 

Dad used to always say that I looked like his mother (of blessed memory). But recently, when I put on a fake mustache and glasses, to prepare my Purim costume, there was an uncanny resemblance to my daddy looking right back at me in the mirror!

We all received the best of both of our parents – We have become community leaders, and have followed our passions, and love hard – something they taught us from an early age. 

All I can say is, thank you Daddy for everything you’ve taught and given to us. Love you and miss you always....

Shabbat Shalom,

Adrienne Suson & Rabbi Suson 

Sun, March 29 2020 4 Nisan 5780