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The Miracle of Minyan

12/07/2018 02:57:31 PM


Rabbi Steven Suson

Chanukah celebrates the season of miracles and we acknowledge all of the wondrous turns of events that culminated with the rededication of the Holy Temple.  The Chanukah lights are a symbol that when things seem dark and hopeless, if we can keep faith, extraordinary things do happen.

You might have noticed attendance at or daily minyanim is less than encouraging. Over the past couple of years, we have lost many of our regular minyanaires, for various reasons. This morning, a small miracle happened - we had a minyan for the first time all of Chanukah. It allowed a couple of people who made the special journey to shul to say kaddish for their loved ones. We have a problem and I am worried that the future of our daily minyanim are in jeopardy.

Today I am asking for your help. We need your increased participation in order to sustain our daily minyan. The proposal is as follows:

Come to shul every month (morning and evening, if you can) on the date of your birth, every month. For example, I was born on the 29th of March. I should plan on attending minyan on the 29th of every month. If everyone were to make the commitment to come to shul 12 additional times a year, in addition to yahzeits etc., I am confident that we can make a miracle happen.

We are so proud of our daily minyanim. Personally, I am inspired by the liturgy and the people with whom I start my day. We are proud to offer a community for those who are mourning loved ones to say kaddish among friends. 

In this season of miracles, lets make the commitment to re-invigorate our minyanim and strive to learn and pray more together. What a beautiful gift that would be.

See you on your birthday!

Shabbat Shalom & Happy Chanukah!

Rabbi Suson

Sun, March 29 2020 4 Nisan 5780