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Get Involved! 

02/02/2018 11:17:04 AM


Rabbi Steven Suson

There is a Midrash, a rabbinic parable, taught on this week's Torah portion, about the place God chose to give the tablets containing the 10 Commandments. All the mountains assembled before God and explained why they should be the chosen place for God to reveal the Torah. The tall mountains contended that they are most deserving because of their height. The beautiful ones argued that their elegance qualifies them. Mount Sinai stood in the back, unsure of its place among these mighty and magnificent mountains. As a plain, seemingly unimpressive mountain, Mt. Sinai mistook itself to be undeserving of the honor. Nevertheless, God insisted that the Torah could only be given on a humble mountain - one that did not consider itself worthy but participated in the discussion just the same. 

Mt. Sinai was chosen because it was an ordinary mountain. The Midrash teaches a valuable lesson. Each of us is unique and valued. We all have hidden potential waiting to be revealed and shared with the world.

One aspect that makes our community so special is that we are made up of congregants who stand up and offer support, expertise and advice, and who value the same efforts by others. Collectively, we are a humble congregation that is not ashamed to act in support of its members, its community and Israel. Input and participation by our members only serves to strengthen our community and add to the beautiful family that is Har Tzeon-Agudath Achim.

It is in that spirit, that I invite you to renew your commitment to our community by taking an active role in its success. Of course we appreciate monetary donations, but as important are the donations of your time and efforts. Participate in our daily minyanim and support those in our synagogue who are in mourning. Become active on a committee that is of particular interest to you, such as:

    Passover Seder
    High Holidays
    Rites & Rituals
    Building & Grounds
    Advancement (Fundraising)
    Youth Activities
    Budget & Finance
    Men’s Club

There are myriad opportunities to become involved in ways that suit your time limitations, interests, and expertise. I invite you to explore your interests with me and the lay leadership and we look forward to helping you find your niche in our community. Together, may we enrich the lives of one another and continue to be a source of support and inspiration for our community and beyond.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Suson

Wed, May 22 2019 17 Iyyar 5779